About Me

   Born and raised in the sunshine of Florida,

   I have held various job positions before moving to Everett, WA. Started as a Sandwich artist in my hometown's Subway, next was as a contracting Photographer on the Holland America Line cruise ships. After almost landing a photography job in Ft. Lauderdale I joined the US Navy.

   During my time in the Navy I began to ponder my current skills and interests that I grew up with and see where to expand them.  Career in playing video games wasn't much of a promise for me, haven't had much promise with mechanics, and then it hit me. I was drawn to the arts of the body; Martial Arts, Drawing, American Sign Language, basically for me it was the expressions the human body makes. Watching how the body heals, whether from fictional shows or real life, was intriguing to me. I knew I could never cut open a person, cracking the joints like a Chiropractor always worries me about using the wrong amount of pressure, and then I remembered that I grew up giving massages.

   Yes I have spent part of my young life giving massages. I even once thought about attending a school in Florida for massage therapy, but at the time I was not quite done with high school and was easily swayed.  I was convinced by being given the details of actual massages and at the time thought it was not what I wanted to get into.  Everyone grows and matures when they're exposed to life outside of school. Years after high school, years of different jobs and interactions of different cultures, heritages, and developing my own discipline. I went to a massage school after four years in the US Navy. Graduating in the summer of June 2017, and having passed my state board exam in early August, I begin my new life as the new Licensed Massage Therapist.

   As a continued interest I hope to expand my knowledge and learning with a continuing education in other types of healing body work: Manuel Lymphatic Drainage, a light touch type of massaging that helps to clear out bodily toxins and waste, and to help speed up the healing the body may need. Reflexology, massaging of the hands and feet to help different areas of the body for various ailments. Polarity Therapy, bodily energy work for redirecting and correcting the flow of the human body for psychological, emotional, and believe it or not as well as physical. Cupping, another type of massage that is the opposite of a regular hands on massage, rather than pressing down the muscle in various ways Cupping lifts the muscle from the body along with nearby fluids. Cupping will leave marks depending on the duration that the cup itself is left on the area, but I can promise that the results are well worth it.

    I even hope to be able to have my own business where I can employ multiple types of natural body healing arts from various people who specialize in areas better than I do.